Fly Boxes

Fly Boxes are the short and light-weighted boxes, which are used by the fly fishermen to accumulate flies that are used to bait the fishes from water. They are designed in a way that we can store and carry artificial flies in a well-organized manner. Typical fly anglers carry one or more fly boxes while fly fishing and are available in different styles, sizes, and configurations. The flies are stored in the boxes with different materials to hold them such as foam, metal, clip plastic and containing mechanisms, and these materials are called patches. Although it isn’t the only way to store flies, everyone has their own way to store, so, think well, and store the way which is convenient and compatible to you. Keeping the fly boxes aside, there are two major ways to store flies; they are fly wallets and road storage system for flies. Before organizing the fly box for fly fishing, remember these three vital points which are sure of use. Organize what You Can’t Memorize, which means the flies which you don’t remember keep them in the front and the ones you remember in the back because if you need the ones you remember, you’ll remember them, but, in the other case, you can’t. Birds of a feather should stick together because if the similar flies are kept together, it is easy to spot. Use a fly box that fits your flies, and it is because a box too big or too small doesn’t matter, the convenience matters as most fishing are done, as a recreation.