A Scenic City in a Scenic Location

Present day Orlando is known by many as the theme park capital of the world, housing Disney Land and many other exciting theme parks, this city sees swarms of tourists all the time, and not just for its theme park. The city has an incredibly rich and interesting background that starts back in 1875 when the Town of Orlando was first formed right next to Fort Gatlin, the town has seen many important conflicts and suffered from them, especially during the Civil War when it took the brunt of the US blockade of the confederacy. After the Civil War things started to settle down and the population of the town steadily grew.

The surrounding area of the city is perhaps one of the most beautiful parts of Florida, peppered with lakes, meadows and other natural sites, it’s one of those few cities that allow one to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the city while also taking in nature’s sites. You can find many architectural wonders and points of interest in the city as well, such as the Kennedy Space Centre. The city is also home to numerous notable soccer and NBA teams including the Orlando Magic in which players such as Shaq O’Neal have played for a while.

Orlando’s population is quite diverse, with people of various ethnicities living together in harmony, you can also find a large portion of the LGBT community over there as well. The city has always been a popular point for tourists, which is why it has seen so much progress in the years and has such a happening atmosphere now. There are tons of places to visit and numerous events that take place throughout the year, making Orlando easily one of the most lively cities out there.


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