Fishes are one of the main sources of protein to more than one billion poor people; sustainable fisheries and aquaculture take care of that, on a regular basis. Not only that, fishing started from a necessity to recreation, recreation to a sport, sport to whatever it is today, this wouldn’t have been possible without the people who fish, people who eat and the most important, people who help them or service the fishing equipment. One such service store is Compleat Angler, a company who has aimed to service people who go for fly fishing. This store is Actual Brick and mortar Store, which is based in New England servicing anglers for the last 25 years, ruling the offline market in this category and now is entering the online market with much more business experience and expertise compared to when we started our offline market. Fishing is considered as recreation, sport, etc., which is also very healthy and the products from our website can be bought and are used to enjoy, while fishing. United Nations’ FAO Statistics says that 38 million people will be impacted if any changes happen in commercial fishing, which is only one type of fishing; many people are dependent on the other types of fishing also, traditional and recreational fishing. Traditional fishing does everything commercial fishing does, with different methods and in small-scale; recreational fishing is done, as a physical exercise, mental exercise or even is done as a sport, which is good for the person’s physical and mental well being. In recreational fishing, there is a subtype of fishing called the fly fishing, in which an artificial fly is attached to the hook as bait, and that is used to catch the fishes. It is fun as a sport, healthy as food and as exercise and unforgettable as a culture.

Why is fishing important?

Fishing is an activity performed to try and catch fish for food; then, it became a medium to pass time. As it refreshes, recreates and relaxes people, listening to all these, in one way or the other, you have come here to see about fishing. And after becoming a medium to pass time, it has evolved and emerged as an industry which decides the livelihood of millions of people, which is called The Fishing Industry. According to United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) statistics, people who depend on fish commercially are estimated to be 38 million. So, as an industry, fishing is important, and to prove this statement, we have many more proofs. Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture are very important to reduce hunger and poverty as that is the way one billion poor people get animal protein for their balanced diet. Fishing is a good exercise, as even in fishing you push yourself and your body to a limit hence unless you are on a boat, fishing is a good exercise. This benefit was one of the physical benefits of fishing but, now let’s have a look at the mental benefits. It is not only a good exercise it is very relaxing and also, helps people who cannot control stress and remain patient. Going to fish is a fantastic way, is not only to stay healthy and happy, it is a perfect activity to maintain the peace of mind. The further benefits of a human body are that you will have full body strength, improves cardiovascular health, boosts the immune system, teaches self-reliance, bestows patience, family bonding, promotes relaxation, encourages travel, enjoy the great outdoors and improve balance. Thus, fish is important like other or more than other foods, and fishing process helps every person, financially, physically or mentally.

Fishing Techniques

Fishing Techniques are the methods or techniques used for fish capturing and other aquatic animals like shellfish, squid, octopus, etc., which are angling, hand-gathering, spear-fishing, and netting.


This is the fish catching process done by using a fish hook or some bait like flies attached to the hook. This method is listed under recreational water fishing. Angling is also considered to be done, in recreational ice fishing, where the fishing is done, using lines and hooks in an opening made in the ice on frozen water. Angling is much more than just fly fishing; commercial fisheries also use angling methods like trolling, long-line fishing, etc. Long line fishing, is the fish catching method where we use a mainline or a long line, with baited hooks attached at intervals by using snoods. And if you are clueless about the word snoods, basically snoods are the small lines that are connected to the long line as branches. Trolling is the fish catching method where we use lines, connected with baits or fish, to lure and draw the fish from the water.


The process of gathering seafood like kelp, crabs, lobsters or shellfishes using hands is called hand-gathering. As they use very little or no specialized equipment to catch them, they are done with bare hands of human beings. This method listed under traditional fishing.


It is the ancient method of fish spearing with sharp sticks, which has now evolved into spearing fish with a spear or elastically powered spear-guns. Now, various specialized equipment and techniques are being developed for the spearing of different types of aquatic animals for different types of environments. This is also an artisanal fishing method.


This is the fish capturing method that is done, by throwing nets. This method started with nets, where grass and other fibrous plants are taken as material. Then, cotton came into the picture but nowadays, they use nylon, wool or silk thread. This is also listed under subsistence fishing.

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